National Day of Writing Oct 20, 2017

The Jones White Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program will host the annual IUP celebration of the National Day on Writing. In the past, we’ve done a open-mic coffeehouse reading, a tweet-athon, a hand-written notes writing event, and an Instagram contest. This year’s event will be the most ambitious ever (you may recall last year’s event was cancelled due to an even more ambitious undertaking).

In the CHSS building lobby, we will host a Writing Carnival (complete with popcorn, cotton candy - and **Cirque du Papier artist, Michael Roy**), from about 11am-1pm. Broadly construed, we envision tables around the lobby, each representing communities of writers on campus - publications, courses, writing groups, etc. Each table will be given free reign to design its own carnival fun - a game, a “sideshow," a presentation of some kind -- anything that would engage passer-bys with writing.

Your students could get involved by creating and then staffing a class table as part of or as an entire class project. Perhaps you could offer this option as an extra credit opportunity. We’d love to see English majors and minors involved in creating the event, not just walking through it. Of course, there’s opportunity for LSE students to develop creative ideas as part of their courses - to encourage students in required writing courses to see writing as fun and joyful. If you can’t work it into your class as a project and you are teaching during that time, we hope you'll bring your students down for a few minutes so they can browse the carnival.

We had 18 groups planning tables last year - only one of them was a proposal from an English department course. We can do better than that!!

If you or your students are interested in hosting a table or space, please complete this form by September 30th.

I’m happy to answer questions or brainstorm ideas.

Hope to see you there!