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Here you can find current versions of the LS handbooks, syllabus templates, and assessment materials.

Mentoring Policy / Procedure Documents

Observation and Evaluation Guidelines AY 2015-16

Schedule, policies and procedures for getting observations and evaluations completed and submitted. This is a strict, process which must be conducted within the scope of the CBA.

New Student Evaluation Instrument

Developed by a joint faculty and staff committee, this new questionaire omits some familiar question and rephrases others. There are no "university-wide" minimum scores for effective teaching. Instructors are encouraged to consult with mentors about student responses, both to interpret the results in terms of acceptable teaching and, equally import, to glean relevant feedback for the improvement of teaching.


Instructor Evaluation Letter Template (Annual)

Each year TAs, and all non-tenured IUP instructors and faculty are evaluated. The templates below aim to give TAs and instructors an indication of the overall evaluative process, as derived from the CBA. Additional information as to the instructor's development as a teacher may be included at the discretion of the mentor. These letters, along with a checklist, are sent on to the department chair, dean, and provost.

Instructor Evaluation Checklist (Annual)

The chair of the department is responsible for an evaluation of each TA and instructors. The mentor provides input to the chair on these criteria. The evaluation is ultimately that of the chair.

Classroom Observation Template

This blank template represents the most common framework for documenting classroom observations. It can be helpful to think about classroom goals and objectives in the terms articulated by this format.

Students in Crisis

Title IX

IUP Title IX Resources

IUP Policy Documents

TA Side Letter

IUP Contractual Evaluation Dates

CBA (Contract)

PASSHE Lawyers have instructed faculty to include this on syllabi.

Title IX - PASSHE SYLLABUS Statement

Indiana University of Pennsylvania and its faculty are committed to assuring a safe and productive educational environment for all students. In order to meet this commitment and to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, the University requires faculty members to report incidents of sexual violence shared by students to the University's Title IX Coordinator. The only exceptions to the faculty member's reporting obligation are when incidents of sexual violence are communicated by a student during a classroom discussion, in a writing assignment for a class, or as part of a University-approved research project. Faculty members are obligated to report sexual violence or any other abuse of a student who was, or is, a child (a person under 18 years of age) when the abuse allegedly occurred to the Department of Human Services (1-800-932-0313) and University Police (724-357-2141). Information regarding the reporting of sexual violence and the resources that are available to victims of sexual violence is set forth at: http://www.iup.edu/socialequity/policies/title-ix/

Articles, Websites, and Other Useful Links

Mentoring Handbook (2015 edition)


The mentoring handbook is consonant with LS guidelines. It includes advice, practices, and guidelines that should assist mentors and mentees.