Observation/Evaluation Protocol

  • Observations Needed
  • Reviewing Fall Evals with Mentor
  • Documents for Dept. File - See Checklist

Open Topic

  • First week highlights
  • New class challenges


Sharing documents with students, facilitating peer collaboration, or accepting uploaded assignments can be facilitated by IUP Dropbox for education.
  • Similar to free Dropbox with these differences:
    • FERPA compliant
    • 200 Gb storage
    • Supported by IUP - IT
    • Version control
  • Dropbox "Paper" is similar to Google Docs; allows live editing, collaborative sharing, and comments

Suggested Uses
  1. Peer feedback (may require students to create an account)
  2. Collaborative brainstorming activity
  3. Providing Handouts, Templates, etc.
  4. Repository for your course materials
  5. File request (i.e. have students upload an assignment, rather than emailing attachments)

Request it via Ihelp:
Support documents here: