- Student evaluations can be administered beginning in the 12th week (4/16)
- Second "formal" observation should also be conducted (and filed) about this time.

Classroom Civility, Discussion Academic Freedom

Recent event have raised questions about classroom discussion, the roles and responsibilities of students and teacher. Without litigating the specific event which was in the news, let's discuss some possible scenarios that raise issues of civility, academic freedom, etc.

Final meeting - "Steal My Idea" Session. As a fun but useful activity for our final session of the semester, please reflect back on assignments, activities, projects, lesson plans, discussions, etc. from your Fall and Spring courses. What is one exemplar you would like to repeat and which you would be willing to share with your colleagues? Please distill it to a one-page PDF and share it here [ Dropbox File Request. ] I will collate and upload the PDFs to the wiki and prepare a printed version for you. (Obviously I wouldn't want to mandate that you give your colleagues an idea, since that could be construed as theft of your intellectual property! But I hope you will consider participating ... mentors too.)